Goes is an international group specialized in the design, development and distribution of ATV’s and accessories. A French brand recognized around the world, Goes has perfected its performance for years by a highly qualified team and becoming one of the world leaders on the market of all-terrain motorized vehicles.

Goes, a European adventure

The Goes production teams optimize the quality and reliability of all products, guaranteeing efficiency and excellent value for money on the market. Strongly established in Europe and abroad, the network totals more than 1,240 distributors in more than twenty countries.

Our company culture and values represent the brand we’ve built today. Transparency with our customers is key to creating a community of riders.

Goes ATV’s defy’s Icelands snow terrains.

More than a brand, a community.

Driven by strong values ​​such as transparency towards customers, the Goes brand has managed to establish a real community among its users. Many of them participated in the Mao Xian track, event that has become a phenomenon established by Goes, and is now part of the world heritage of new adventures. This event brought together Goes users in China who had to tame the sand dunes, the rocky tracks and the the overwhelming heat of the Gobi Desert, or even the Gansu Province.

An epic adventure that you only live once in your life!

The Mao Xian, an epic adventure that you only live once

Live that once in a life-time experience every day with your Goes.