The quads distributed by GD France are guaranteed for 2 years pieces and 1 year labour. The obligations of the company SAS GD France under this warranty are limited to its choice: to repair the parts which, under normal conditions of use and maintenance, present a defect or to replace these parts by original parts: new, free of charge for the entire period of the warranty.

In addition, labour costs incurred by an authorized distributor are covered under the warranty for the first year only.

GD France reserves the right to modify the present guarantee at any time, without affecting the guarantee conditions applicable and in force at the time of sale of the products.

However, make sure that any maintenance work performed on your vehicle is recorded in your service log. This information confirms the vehicle’s good condition, guarantees its resale value and facilitates warranty claims.

Do you have questions about your vehicle’s warranty?

Do not hesitate to contact your authorized GD FRANCE dealer and/or refer to your maintenance booklet in the “GD France S.A.S quad range warranty” section.