Attentive to your needs, we strive to offer you quality services. This is why the maintenance of your vehicle is an element that is close to our heart. GOES dealers are there to guide and advise you when your vehicle needs servicing.

Your GOES vehicle holds no secrets for our dealership experts. They are the only ones who can guarantee you the best possible support service. To get the most out of your GOES vehicle, check its service booklet and keep in touch with your nearest dealer.


It is imperative that you have your vehicle serviced at a GOES dealership in order to maintain your vehicle’s warranty.

Regular maintenance :

  • Check the oil level in my vehicle
  • Check brake pads for wear
  • Check the tyre pressure
  • Check cooling liquid level


Step 1 : Check the correct operation of the brakes

Step 2 : Check the correct operation of the accelerator

Step 3 : Check the oil and fuel levels before using your ATV.

Step 4 :Inspect the proper functioning of the direction

Step 5 :Use only original products and parts on your quad.

Step 6 : Use an equipment adapted to the driving of your quad (helmets, gloves…)

Do you have questions or concerns about the maintenance of your vehicle?

Do not hesitate to contact your GOES dealer nearest !