• When should I have my quad serviced?

The first check must be made from 500 km away. Then, every 1000 km after the first check-up (1 500 km, 2 500 km …) *.

*the maintenance can vary according to the use of the quad (road, sand, off-road, dust…)

  • What do I need when servicing my vehicle ?

It is mandatory to bring your service book and have it signed by your dealer to ensure that your vehicle is covered under warranty. You will also be asked for your vehicle registration document before your vehicle is taken in charge.

  • What are the differences between T3 and L7e homologation?

A T3 homologated quad is limited to 60 km/h. Its particularity is that it allows professionals with a legal entity to recover VAT and benefit from reduced fees on the registration of the vehicle. An L7e approved vehicle is limited to 90 km/h and is, by default, more intended for private individuals looking for a more “leisure” use.

  • Can I ride my quad on the road?

You can ride your quad on the road as long as it has received a registration certificate and you have a B licence.

  1. At what age can I start riding a quad bike?

From 16 years old on an L7e approved quad if :

  • Holder of licence A1 obtained before 19.01.2013
  • Holder of licence A2 obtained before 19.01.2013
  • Holder of licence B

A1 and A2 licences obtained from 19.01.2013 do not allow these vehicles to be driven.

  • What maintenance can I do myself?

You can check the fluid levels, air filter, spark plugs and the various tightenings of the quad. For all other maintenance, we recommend that you contact your dealer.

  • What type of fuel should I use for my GOES quad?

The gasoline to use for your quad is lead-free, greater than or equal to 95. We recommend the use of unleaded 95 or 98.

  • What type of oil should I use for my quad?

The type of oil to use depends on the engine of your quad. Refer to the owner’s manual for more details.

  • Where can I find accessories for my quad?

You can consult the list of accessories available at your nearest dealer. Find your nearest GOES dealer on our website under “dealers”.

  • How long does my vehicle’s warranty last?

Your vehicle is guaranteed for 2 years. The first year, the warranty covers parts and labour. The second year, the warranty covers parts but labour is no longer covered.

  • What can cause my vehicle’s warranty to be cancelled?

A modification to the engine, carburetor, exhaust or air filter. Use of the vehicle on a racetrack or in competition voids the warranty. It will also be void if maintenance is not performed according to the maintenance chart (available in the maintenance section of my vehicle) and if the maintenance manual is not signed.